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Lot and boundary survey

Discover the limits of where you can build a fence, house, garage, or other outbuilding with our accurate lot and boundary surveying services. You'll be able to build in confidence without encroaching on your neighbor's property or violating local zoning or subdivision regulations.


ALTA/ACSM survey

As a nationally recognized standard for commercial surveys, an ALTA/ACSM Survey provides appropriate information for your contractor. From this survey, you'll learn of land improvements, easements, rights-of-way, and other issues that impact land ownership and the issuance of title insurance. In addition, this survey standard allows the removal of the survey exception from the title policy. There are many options to customize the survey for the needs of the owner or lender.


Civil site design

With 37 years of industry experience, 40th Parallel Surveying can help you with zoning and planning requirements. Let our surveying experts also assist you in the creation of contract documents that most jurisdictions require for commercial construction.



Urban and suburban growth requires attention to detail from the very beginning of any project. With our skilled surveyors, all aspects of the land will be properly considered to allow for the proper layout of lots, storm drainage and collection systems, sanitary sewers, roads, and utility lines. Count on us to deliver your surveying project on time, on budget, and with all local zoning and drainage requirements met.


Elevation certificates

With the potential of heavy rains, it's essential that you know precisely if you're existing or new home or business lays in a flood plain. Flood insurance is a wise idea and is often required by banks. However, do you know for certain the accuracy of previous mapping in regards to your property's location? Let our well-trained and dependable surveyors accurately assess your property's relationship to base flood elevations. This will allow you to know with confidence if flood insurance is a wise investment.


Erosion control plans

Protect your land from erosion and sedimentation issues in addition to complying with Indiana Department of Environmental Management's rules and regulations with our professional surveying services.

Sample project types:

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• Fast food restaurants

• Shopping centers

• Office building sites

• Manufacturing sites

• Bank sites

• Transfer stations

• Funeral home sites

• Car lot sites

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